Free drum samples - since 2001

You are free to use and enjoy these samples in any musical production.
Please do not repackage / redistribute these raw samples
Big thanks to all the people who subscribed and paid for these samples over the years
I have now decided to make them free to everyone. Enjoy!

AudioPervert 606
AudioPervert 707 digital
AudioPervert 808 digital
AudioPervert 808
AudioPervert 909 digital
AudioPervert 909
AudioPervert Arp Axxe kit
AudioPervert Atari 800
AudioPervert Avalon 1
AudioPervert Avalon 2
AudioPervert Avalon kit 3
AudioPervert Casio VL tone kit
AudioPervert City kit
AudioPervert Commodore 64
AudioPervert Coron Drum Synce
AudioPervert CR 78 kit
AudioPervert Dat kit
AudioPervert Dr 110
AudioPervert DR 55 kit
AudioPervert Dr Tiricc kit
AudioPervert Dub kit
AudioPervert Gem kit
AudioPervert Household kit
AudioPervert Jamaican kit
AudioPervert Jungle kit
AudioPervert Kea kit
AudioPervert Korg DDD1
AudioPervert Korg ER1
AudioPervert Mexico kit
AudioPervert Micromoog kit
AudioPervert Mpc-60
AudioPervert MS 10
AudioPervert Nord Lead 2
AudioPervert Nord Modular
AudioPervert Pearl Syncussion kit
AudioPervert R5
AudioPervert Rhythm Ace
AudioPervert Scrapyard
AudioPervert Selmer MR 101
AudioPervert Sequental Drumtraks
AudioPervert SH 09
AudioPervert SH 101
AudioPervert Sp 12
AudioPervert Stew kit
AudioPervert Studio kit
AudioPervert System 100
AudioPervert Ultimate Percussion
AudioPervert Visco kit
AudioPervert Wavedrum

AudioPervert Speak And Spell Alphabet
AudioPervert Speak And Spell Bank A
AudioPervert Speak And Spell Bank B
AudioPervert Speak And Spell Bank C
AudioPervert Speak And Spell Bank D
AudioPervert Speak And Spell Extra