Akai and WAV format drum samples

AudioPervert drum samples offer you quick and intuitive access over 1000 electronic and acoustic percussive hits. Quirky and raw, these samples were created from analogue and digital drum boxes, synths, old computers, strange acoustic 'kits' and even real drums. Hear the sounds for yourself on the library pages, then download theNew-Akai format drum sample CD-rom! free drum samples to try out in the comfort of your own sampler. Finally, you can either get the entire library on Akai S1000 format CD-Rom or you can become a member and download the single hit samples in full quality WAV format.

Easy to use Akai CD-ROM

All the Akai format sounds are mapped to midi notes using a key, which is designed to be easy to play, program and remember. The layout has kicks and snares on the left hand, hats & cymbals on the right, toms in the middle, and percussion to the far right hand side. This enables you to program a sequence with one kit, change to another kit, and retain the groove with completely different sounds. Try out the demo keyboard layout below, which contains a selection of drum samples from the various kits.

- Texas Instruments Speak and Spell samples (members only).

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Get the AudioPervert drum samples on an AKAI S1000 format CD-Rom. A quick and intuitive way to get access to this unique sample collection. Works with EXS, Halon, NI Kontact and ALL other AKAI compatibles samplers, software or hardware. £34.95 including worldwide shipping.

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You will find the electronic music section here. Listen online to some of the tracks from the new Autonik release "The User EP". This section of the site focuses on MP3 downloads of electronic music including electro, drum and bass, garage, hip hop, Miami bass, ghettotech, trip hop, techno, jungle, big beat, industrial, and ambient genres.

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